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Dem Guise
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As the guise continue to add acoustic instuments the gendre changes. The task of generating original material is now upon us and in conjunction with playing every weekend and holding down day gigs, play time is over and the work begins.
 As the first 4 cut CD continues to sell at our shows we decided the rest of the players must be incorporated into the brew. With the addition of Neil Whitmoyer's flute and harmonicas, and Mike Davis's mandolin the sound will be vastly changed. Don't worry, our song list for our live shows has simply been added to with equally tasty classic favs that keep us in the bars. But you'll start hearing the coveted originals I speak of. See ya at the show!


MITCH MORRILL     vocals / acoustic

Having searched and sampled high and low for the ultimate players to back up his blood-stained vocals, this 25 year veteran of the region claims to have finally found a collection of professionals who fit the bill.


JOSH FRENCH - Lead/Slide Guitar, Vocals
Josh's parents bought him his first guitar at the age of 13, and he played in local bands until leaving for college. After graduating from the University of Maryland and wearing the garb of a business man for a few years, Josh has returned to the area to play lead guitar in Dem Guise.  At age 31, Josh is thankful to find a group of dedicated, non-ego driven musicians to inspire him to new levels.


SCOTT MATLOCK   Violin / BG and Lead Vocals
Playing the violin since age 8, Scott performed for a season with the Harrisburg Symphony during highschool. He has played with many local bands such as: Arcona, Slippery When Wet, Pair o Dimes and Soleil. Scott brings rich melodies with his violin as well as robust vocals to the table. 


NEIL WHITMOYER   Harps/ Flute / Jembe
After graduation, Neil played drums on the road in Western PA with such notables as "Highway Ghost", and "The Powers Run Band". About 15 years later Neil settled in the Carlisle area and was a founding member of "Flying Colors" and the SHARE benefit, which raises funds for various charities. His addition to the fold created the new MSN configuration.  


PHIL HOOVER    Drums / Percussion 
Over the years Phil has played in many local bands (most notably "Inertia"). In between Dem Guise gigs he covers the percussion slot for Jeff Kauffman's Stew band. However he is most comfortable composing on the fly with Dem Guise. 


Having played professionally for the past 10 years, Dale has amassed quite a notable list of local bands. Playing for Inursha, Dale made it to the college venues in the six-piece band with strong vocals. Dale now plays with the large Harrisburg entity known as Flying Colors.  He also plays with Soleil. Dale brings his "Lesh-like" bass lines to Dem Guise pumping a new spark of life into the already-fired pot.